What Yeast Infection Treatment Options Do You Have?

When it comes to choosing a yeast infection treatment there are many out there for you to chose from. For the most part, it’s really up to your person preference as to which one you chose. Your doctor may advice a prescription if you infection is extremely severe. In mild cases an over the counter treatment should clear up your symptoms quickly and easily.

It’s no surprise that yeast infections are one of the top causes of vaginal itching. This is a condition that can be extremely irritating. Vaginal creams are designed to help reduce the inflammation around the vulva and eliminate the itching all together. Sometimes these creams are referred to as antifungal creams.

Tablets and suppositories like miconazole or clotrimazole will work as well. They are know for their ability to reduce odorless vaginal discharge caused by vaginal yeast infections. These allow you to insert the healing solution right into the vagina. You just let them sit and dissolve. It’s really that simple. They provide instant topical relief.